Now booking portrait sessions during the weekends in October and November

How do I prepare?  I will be helping with this.  Also, check out Pinterest or some photos you like to inspire the look or vibe you are going for.   But, unless it is a specific stylized shoot, it’s best to go with what makes you comfortable. In general, darks typically look nice with other darks and lights with lights. But there’s no set rules.  Be sure to inquire about seasonal specials and dont wait to book.  It is right around the corner so contact me soon!

Intro to Energy Healing

Intro to Energy Healing

I will be doing individual 20 minute sessions for those who are curious and would like an introduction to an ancient form of healing as well as for those who need a quick pick me up or re-charge.

What to expect?  Energy healing is an alternative choice for stress relief and relaxation.  Everyone responds differently.  As a result, I have experienced benefits ranging from being able to achieve deeper levels of meditation, reduced anxiety and the reduction of chronic headaches and much more.

I began doing energy work a couple of years ago under a variety of teachers including Donna Lamdin, Usui Karuna Master Teacher of Maha Methods.   At the time I did not have any intention of working on others.  I mainly wanted to learn alternative ways of healing.  I was skeptical in the beginning but soon found that these methods worked for me.  I have seen so many positive results that I feel I have to share it with others.  Message me if you are interested in learning more.  I am happy to answer any questions.


Clearing Energy

One thing I do that has been passed down by my mentors is to make sure you clear your energy everyday.   I usually do this before I leave the house or go to bed.  This is important because when too much piles up we become depleted and do not have as much to give or offer others.  

Stand as if you are going to do a jumping jack.   Bring your arms directly over your head and clap once.  Next, bring them down and clap once.   Do this three times along with a couple deep breaths.  That’s it! – M

Themed Mini Sessions in May – Booking Now

Themed Mini Sessions in May – Booking Now

Have you been dying to get some photos done but just you just have not found the time, funds or energy to put it together? Well, I am here to make it easy for Seniors, Couples, Families, Friends, Etc.  I have put together several themed locations.  I will produce highly stylized portraits that you cannot get in a commercial studio.  All you have to do is decide what theme you want, contact me, secure the date with the deposit and show up as you are.  Wear a costume or just come in your everyday street clothes.  Just be you and I will capture it all for you to keep forever.

Warning:  If you desire photos done in high grass fields, in front of brick walls or walking along railroad tracks (dangerous) you may want to work with another photographer.  But if you want something both timeless and edgy then I am your girl : )

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