Empowering & Fine Art Photography

Portrait Studio

PHOTOGRAPHY allows us to see the world in new ways, to drop preconceptions and to find focus in a busy world. For some people photography is an art or job, photography is also a healing art. Mindfulness helps us be more fully present and gives us an opportunity to see the world in a fresh way.

MINDFUL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS begin with mindful photography exercises as well as learning the 12 elements of composition.  No experience is necessary.  If you have a camera or phone camera that will work.  When we are done we will be able to share online and comment.

EMPOWERING PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOTS are meant to improve self-awareness and self-esteem. So many people feel uneasy, self-conscious or even embarrassed with the idea of being photographed.  But what I have found is that by just confronting this fear alone can do wonders for your self-esteem. Once you take the first step of deciding to do a professional shoot, you will feel that you have accomplished something great, walk away from a positive experience and will be rewarded with incredible images.  Seeing yourself in a professional retouched photograph, looking stylish and glamorous, is sure to boost your confidence and self-esteem. As our appearance constantly evolves with age, you may even discover new aspects about your looks or your body that you really like. Looking in the mirror is not the same as seeing yourself captured, as our eyes are just but one limited perspective.  Although self-esteem starts from within, the process of getting a photoshoot done is an empowering experience.

ALL SHOOTS INCLUDE an online album of raw edited images that you may share and download for free and plenty of print options that are processed and delivered directly to you within a two-week period


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